Earlier this month saw the 2nd LISTEX Summer Session, held at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead.

listex 2015a

The event saw a record turnout and standing room only for the forum events.  Here’s 19 soundbites to give you a flavour of the day:


  1. I still don’t know why shops don’t let you lick skis – Sean Newsom, welove2ski.com


  1. Snowsport England will be linking up with the phenomenally successful #thisgirlcan campaign later this year – Tim Fawke, Snowsport England


  1. We take our kids skiing because we want them to be more middle-class – Sean Newsom, welove2ski.com


sean newsom

Sean Newsom


  1. Consumers are buying mid- to high-range equipment, with lead-in sales coming from Lidl and Aldi these days – Sally Bartlett, Ski Bartlett


  1. Red Bull have gone from drinks company to a media house – Michelle Blaydon, Jaguar Land Rover


  1. 21% of people use dryslopes and indoor slopes to improve their fitness – Tim Fawke, Snowsport England


  1. The Snow Centre has seen 12% growth year on year and this was the 4th consecutive year of growth – Ian Brown, The Snow Centre


  1. Only 4% of The SnowCentre business is freestyle – Ian Brown, The Snow Centre


  1. Our schools business is three times the size it was in 2012 – Ian Brown, The Snow Centre


  1. Last year’s viral Jamie Nicholls video has hit over 6m views worldwide – – Ian Brown, The Snow Centre

  1. 35% of new customers are first-timers – Ian Brown, The Snow Centre


  1. P&V have had one of their best seasons ever: the fall in the Euro has made people feel richer and school holiday dates helped – Cathy Rankin, P&V


  1. The North Face are trying to be too much to too many different people: it used to be on the mountain and now it’s on the high street – Michelle Blaydon, Jaguar Land Rover
michelle blaydon

Michelle Blaydon


  1. Ski carriage costs have been a key barrier against people buying skis – Sally Barlett, Ski Bartlett


  1. Skiing is just a sport: you don’t have to be James Bond or Roman Abramovich to do it – Sean Newsom, welove2ski.com


listex 2015


  1. ‘We are the industry Goliath, because we think like the industry David’ – Nike


  1. When I worked for Samsung, looking at how effective Apple was used to drive me insane – Michelle Blaydon, Jaguar Land Rover


  1. Standard PR doesn’t have the same value as it did 10 years ago – Rob Stewart, The Ski Trade


  1. 19% of people claim they don’t go skiing because they have no one to ski with – Chris Radford, Differentiate



Iain Martin from Skipedia also presented on ‘Paid v. Organic’ posts in social media.  You can view his slides here: