If you’ve been scrolling through Facebook in the last couple of days, you’ll probably have seen this great video from France Montagnes – currently going viral across the Internet.

Overheard in Ski Resorts

Overheard in French Ski Resorts’ plays on the well-trodden meme previous seen in ‘Shit Snowboarders Say’ etc but crucially manages to be very funny – not an easy trick to pull off and the reason for the viral success.


“Those that get it will love it!”

The film is part of an experimental campaign commissioned by France Montagnes and Atout France and created by All Conditions Media – an agency in Brighton.

We asked Chris Moran – a good friend of Skipedia – to tell us some more about the campaign:

“Matt Carr and Anne Pederson from France Montagnes briefed us to create a multi-faceted marketing campaign. Our proposal included video, working with celebrities, infographics, blogger outreach and creating sharable pictures.

The idea was to mix up some snowboarder v. skier jokes and the French/English love-hate relationship.

A few in-jokes only the French will get, and some the English alone will understand.

It’s super knowing, and many people won’t get it, but those that do will love it!”


Filmed in…Frances Montagnes

It was filmed mostly by Johno Verity in resorts including Chamonix, Val Thorens, Morzine and Meribel. The ‘actors’ were mainly season workers.

As with the most successful viral posts, reach has multiplied as users have tagged their friends in Comments, as well as sharing.

The video launched on Tuesday (20 October 2015) and at the time of writing had racked up 270,000 views and over 3000 Shares.

The film will shortly be launching as a pre-roll on the Telegraph Ski website, so expect your parents to share it with you shortly…


Credit to France Montagnes

Credit must go to France Montagnes for running with this idea.

Moran made it clear that they were concerned it might come across as negative, but were persuaded that UK viewers would just see the intended humour.

Whether the video will cause skiers and snowboarders to choose a holiday in France over other countries is not evident, but to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, there’s only one thing worse that being viral…and that’s not being viral.


Article by Iain Martin