Just before half-term Crystal Ski released a new video that nails exactly how skiing and snowboard ‘addicts’ feel about their sport.

“It’s been 285 days since my last ski trip…”

Set in the style of an AA or NA meeting, ‘Confessions’ is perhaps the first SA (‘Snowlovers Anonymous’?) meeting.

Funny, but not widely seen

It’s clever and funny. The only disappointment might be that so few people have watched it.

At the time of writing ‘Confessions’ has 6.5k views on Facebook and 5.2 views on YouTube, suggesting it hasn’t been promoted widely.

Creating good content is just the start

Given its high production values, it seems unlikely that 11,000 views represents a good ROI.

Maybe it will be promoted later in the year, before next ski season. However, for now, this entertaining video serves as a reminder that good content without good promotion is a wasted opportunity.


Confession time!