It’s that day of the year when you need to have your wits about you – on the off-chance that the April Fool you’ve come across is subtle enough to be convincing.

Here are five of the Best Ski April Fools that we came across today:

  1. €50 Congestion Charge to be introduced in La Tania & Courchevel

Great work by our friends at, who win our imaginary award for the most convincing April Fool.

On the face of it, a congestion charge isn’t such a bad way of solving the traffic problem. It’s full of detail and plausible reasoning for the introduction of the proposed charge.

It certainly convinced some users, for whom the words ‘congestion charge’ act like a red flag to a bull:

  1. Meribel switch to driving on the left-hand side

Less convincing was Meribel’s attempt to persuade us that due to their strong links with Britain, the time has come to switch to driving on the left-hand side of the road.

Kudos for the Tourist Office for the effort they put in, and let’s be honest, all they are really looking for is good engagement on social. With 189 Comments, 217 Shares and 593 Likes, they’ve certainly succeeded.


  1. Ski instructors to use wing mirrors

Hey, no one, surely is going to buy this, but quite amusing from SnowPros Ski School nonetheless. Not so much engagement as Meribel, but with a base of only 356 followers, it goes down as a very successful post.


  1. Eddie the Eagle Edwards performs first ever tandem ski jump 

InTheSnow carried this story on behalf of Ski Weekends. We must admit when we first saw the press release yesterday evening, and knowing Eddie, it seemed unlikely, but not impossible.

The article itself doesn’t include the photo that arrived with the press release. There’s probably a good reason for that:

Mandatory Credit: David Cannon/Allsport

Bizarrely, a tandem ski jump does appear to have happened in real life:

  1. Emerald Waterways introduce waterskiing

Okay, not technically skiing, but also within the travel sector, Emerald Waterways, better known for more genteel river cruises, announced new turbo powered waterski sessions.

And if you particularly like April Fool’s jokes from the ski industry, you might enjoy this post as well or even this one.