Back in October 2020, I highlighted the rise of the ‘workation’ in my presentation for LISTEX, organised by the Mountain Travel Network.

I noted the increasing number of articles featuring travel destinations courting the digital nomads for whom ‘working from home’ doesn’t tie you to your own house, but makes the world your oyster.

Demand is there

Currently a travel ban prevents any British skiers heading to the Alps, but there was already evidence of demand back in the autumn, as evidenced in this query on a popular ski forum:

‘Télétravail’ offer in Courchevel

I was therefore interested to see that Courchevel launched their first ‘télétravail’ offer last week.

40% discount for a 4-week stay

It may have a chi-chi reputation, but Courchevel is suffering as much as other resorts due to pandemic and limited season. It’s predicted that the resort might only hit 20% occupancy during the ‘vacances scholaires’ period when it would be full.

The resort has therefore created a special ‘télétravail’ deal, offering a 40% discount for a month long stay from 13 March to 10 April.

At €1560 it’s excellent value for 4 weeks in La Tania, so while we don’t know yet if travel will be allowed, this could be a good bet, whether you plan to work or not!