You have to give it to Les 2 Alpes, this is genius promotion.

2 is the magic number

One week before the auspicious date of 22/2/22, the French resort of Les 2 Alpes confirmed their love of the number ‘2’ in this Facebook post…and launched a unique competition.

You probably don’t need to speak French to understand that Les 2 Alpes considers the number ‘2’ special: it’s in its name; it’s in its logo; and it’s in the story of the founding of the resort.

22 years of free skiing

The resort asked for help in finding twins born on 22/2/22, in the magic hour between 22:00 and 23:00. Their video has been viewed 24,000 times, with over 400 Likes and 100 Comments.

And the prize for the lucky twins: 22 years of free 6-day lift passes, plus ski gear and two years of free lessons from the ESF – a package worth €12,000.

les 2 alpes twins

2 Winners

The message spread far and wide and the resort found their winners: Augustin and Gaspard, born in Normandy at 22:52 and 22:59 respectively. [One wonders if their mother was pushing for the deadline!]

[It’s taken a while to write up this wonderful story because, as a parent of twins myself, of course I’ve been…2 busy]