I doubt there’s anyone reading this blog who doesn’t spend time on social media every day.

Depending on your age, you probably spend hours scrolling through TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. You might even be one of the remainers on Twitter, desperately hoping that Elon Musk doesn’t go completely bat-crazy.

Maybe ‘the kids today’ spend too much time on social media (my kids are definitely addicted to TikTok), but there’s no doubt that these platforms are a big part of people’s lives.


The UK market isn’t the States: a star like Lindsey Vonn (who has 2.3m Insta followers) isn’t limited to the skiing and snowboarding niche. But the UK’s snowsports influencers still have ‘reach’.

Bear in mind that having more followers does not necessarily mean you have more ‘influence’. Engagement is much more important. And some brands love to work with micro-influencers, because the message is more authentic.

Also in this post, I’m only looking at individuals, not ski/snowboard ‘publishers’, several of whom have way more followers.

So just for fun, this is an unscientific look at the top skiing and snowboarding influencers in the UK. Apologies in advance to anyone I missed.


Our Instagram Top 10 makes sense. There are two Olympic medal winners on there, plus another five Olympians (and one other who will surely debut in 2026), but only two are still currently competing. Six have presented features on BBC’s ‘Ski Sunday’.

Aimee Fuller tops our list. The two-time Olympian has segued into presenting via reality TV, amassing more followers than anyone else on along the way.

1            Aimee Fuller (115,000)
2            James Woodsy (67,000)
3            Dave Ryding (60,500) – Interview on The Ski Podcast
4            Chemmy Alcott (60,200) – Interview on The Ski Podcast
5            Mia Brookes (51,100) – Interview on The Ski Podcast (at 4:45)
6            Jenny Jones (40,300)
7            Billy Morgan (40,300) – Interview on The Ski Podcast (at 38:00)
8            Graham Bell (33,000) – Interview on The Ski Podcast
9            Paddy Graham (28,500) – Interview on The Ski Podcast
10          Ed Leigh (22,500) – Interview on The Ski Podcast

I’ve been lucky enough to interview most of our Top 10 over the years, so I’ve added links to the relevant episodes of The Ski Podcast above.


The kids might not be as keen on Facebook as they are on the ‘Gram’, but the Boomers, Gen-X and Millennials all have plenty of spending power, so Facebook is still important.

Our Top 10 on Facebook sees some swapping around of places, although Aimee Fuller remains in the no.1 position (by a long way).

Joining the top ten are Warren Smith and Pat Sharples – both what you might call ‘proper’ influencers (in terms of the impact they’ve had on the industry over the years).

Note that I only looked at Facebook ‘Pages’ and not personal profiles.

1            Aimee Fuller (76,000)
2            Jenny Jones (33,000)
3            Billy Morgan (33,000)
4            Dave Ryding (32,000)
5            James Woodsy (27,000)
6            Chemmy Alcott (14,000)
7            Paddy Graham (13,000)
8            Graham Bell (12,000)
9            Pat Sharples (4,900)
10          Warren Smith (4,900)


So, who are Gen-Z paying attention to? Perhaps surprisingly, only a few of our influencers featured so far have accounts on TikTok.

The new entry to the list is 21-year-old GB Snowsport freeskier Zoe Atkin, who arrives at second spot on the chart, just behind…Aimee Fuller.

1            Aimee Fuller (49,800)
2            Zoe Atkin (26,700)
3            Graham Bell (5,780)
4            Mia Brookes (1,103)
5            Chemmy Alcott (879)


And finally, we come to Twitter. Once upon a time, I used to love Twitter. I still use it every day, but with an Elon Musk-tainted sense of reluctance.

And I’m not alone. Five of our would-be Top 10 – including possible no.1 Jenny Jones – are no longer active on Twitter, despite a big base of followers.

That means that Chemmy Alcott tops our Twitter chart in a five-way battle exclusively between BBC Ski Sunday presenters.

1            Chemmy Alcott (58,600)
2            Aimee Fuller (42,800)
3            Graham Bell (33,600)
4            Ed Leigh (24,900)
5            Tim Warwood (10,500)