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Skipedia presentation 'Adwords for Mobile' at LISTEX

Skipedia presentation ‘Adwords for Mobile’ at LISTEX

Iain Martin moderated the afternoon session ‘The Future is Mobile’ at the LISTEX Summer Session last week. The afternoon started with a presentation from Google, followed by Iain’s presentation about ‘Adwords for Mobile’.  You can view the presentation below and the slidedeck on Slideshare here.  
Irn-Bru Fanny demonstrates the power of Twitter

Irn-Bru Fanny demonstrates the power of Twitter

This initial campaign ran around a year ago, but it’s worth looking at again as a great use of Twitter to generate positive brand coverage. A new series of three TV commercials for Irn-Bru were successively launched, with a fourth internet-only ad ready to complete the campaign, hosted solely on YouTube. Launched from a single...
Skipedia teams up with Expedient Marketing & PR

Skipedia teams up with Expedient Marketing & PR

Skipedia is delighted to announce that as of 25 May 2012, we will be joining forces with Expedient Marketing & Public Relations. Expedient Co-Founder and MD, James Gambrill said: “We are delighted that Iain Martin from Skipedia has decided to join forces with us. Expedient already offers industry-leading marketing services, but Iain’s expertise in social...
Pre-season fitness 1974-style...

Pre-season fitness 1974-style…

Was flicking through the seminal 1970s ski book ‘We Learned To Ski‘ yesterday and had to share this superb pre-season fitness regime – ‘Lifting the groceries’ – This is a blog post from Skipedia written by Iain Martin
Le Derby du Roc Merlet - going downhill fast

Le Derby du Roc Merlet – going downhill fast

The Roc Merlet Derby in Courchevel 1650 has been one of the classic season worker events since…well, no one seems to be exactly sure when it started. But it was definitely going on in 1995, as shown in this poster. This end of season event sees competitors take a rare chance to hoon from the...
BUSC 2000

BUSC 2000

BUSC 2000 was the first of the modern BUSCs. Organised by Manchester Metropolitan University (or was it still a polytechnic back then?), the committee took a business-like approach to sponsors and students alike. Companies were starting to wake up to the value of the student pound, and BUSC 2000 was the first to attempt to...