There were so many great ideas at the excellent Brighton SEO last week.  Here’s a few quick tips I picked up from the day:

1. Build your own voucher discount page

There’s an increasing trend of consumers defaulting to organisations like QuidCo, or simply searching for ‘voucher codes’:

voucher codes




So why not build your own voucher discount page?  You should be able to come top of the rankings for a search on your own brand and you can protect your margin.

2. If you don’t optimise for mobile, you’re reducing your distribution potential

Not only are you delivering a bad user experience to mobile users and increasing your own bounce rate, but some companies will not work with you unless you are mobile enabled.

Shahid Awan – Global Head of Search at Cheapflights – confirmed that they only work with partners that are 100% mobile optimised.

3. Make app downloads your goal

If you have drawn a customer to your site via paid search, then if you can get them to download your app, your future cost of sale will decrease.   This diversification away from Google could save you thousands over time.

4. Don’t use a free email account on your website

The chances are this does not apply to you (at least we hope so).

Using a or email address as your main contact email address, as opposed to not only looks unprofessional, but evidence suggests it also has a negative impact on your organic search results.

5. Take iOS 6 into account when comparing your site traffic across time

Admittedly, this isn’t new (it was first observed around the turn of the year), but with mobile traffic continuing to increase it is becoming more significant.

This excellent blog post summarises the issue, but simply put searches from iOS 6 made through Safari look like direct traffic in your Google Analytics stats.

Your Direct traffic will therefore be over-reporting, while your Organic traffic is under-reporting by the same amount.

The scale will depend on the profile of your visitors – how many access the site on mobile and on iOS 6, but a site that generates 25% of its traffic from mobile might see its recorded Google organic search visits running about 12% lower than the actual volume.

Plus our Quote of the Day

Our favourite was this cracker from Lexi Mills of Dynamo PR:

“The phone is the best link building tool you’ll have”


By Iain Martin