Regular visitors to Skipedia may recall our suggestion that Banksy had visited Meribel last winter season.

This homage to Banksy’s famous ‘Kissing Policemen’ was seen on on the Altiport chairlift in March 2014:

Has Banksy been to Meribel?

Has Banksy been to Meribel?


Render unto Caesar…

We can reveal that the artist behind this work is in fact Caesar and he has plans for more (and more) of the same this season:

Crowdsourced Urban Art

Should you wish to contribute or purchase your own ‘kissing instructors’ tshirt, postcard or poster you can do so here. This is possibly the first time we have ever seen a campaign of urban art (rural art?) use crowdsourcing, but best of luck to Caesar.

He certainly added a sense of humour to the whole ESF v. various Brits farrago last season – and we certainly needed something to smile about.