So you’ve got a GoPro and you’ve tried the helmet attachment, chesty strap and used a selfie stick.  The footage looks good and your mates loved your edit on Vimeo.

So what’s next?

Welcome to Lily…!

The answer has to be a drone.  And if it’s a drone, then how about a bet on the new and very exciting Lily drone.


lily drone

The new ‘Lily’ drone


Buy now for shipping in February 2016

We say ‘bet’ because although you have to pay for your new Lily drone in advance now, but the makers are not planning to ship any units until February 2016.

Who knows if it will ever turn up?  But this video was enough to convince us it was worth a punt on:


Three great reasons to buy Lily

Although the prices of drones is falling as fast as the technology is improving, there are three key reasons why we think Lily is worth it:

– It follows you
By using a tracking device strapped to your wrist, Lily can follow you along a trail, down a mountain or over water. There’s no remote control.  You simply take off and Lily follows.

– It’s small
A key advantage of Lily over other drones is that it’s small enough and light enough to fit in your backpack. That’s not just a massive advantage in terms of portability, but it also means  it’s quick to pack away – meaning you can film and be gone before any  jobsworth tracks you down (not that we suggest breaking any laws re filming!)

– It’s waterproof
If you work in the world of snow – as we do – this is an essential attribute.  You don’t have to worry about water ingress with Lily and can film in a ski resort or by the ocean alike.


lily camera

The Lily Camera follows you

Buy now for a discounted price

When we bought our Lily it was retailing at $499.  Currently the price is $599 – discounted down from the $999 that the makers ultimately plan to sell Lily for.

So you could wait until February to see if it turns up and if it’s any good – and pay $999 – or you could take a bet like us and pre-order now.

Whatever you choose make sure you tune in to Skipedia this winter as we’ll be posting our review here as soon as it’s in our hot little hands!


lily camera is very portable

Lily is highly portable


Article by Iain Martin


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