You’d think that selling socks is not much of a sexy business: feet pong and socks are often hidden under jeans, whether skinny or not.

But Happy Socks don’t buy any of that.  Their recent promo shows that if you’ve got an imagination (and a decent marketing budget) you can convert a great content marketing idea into serious awareness.

Creativity at its best

Credit to whoever greenlighted (greenlit?) this project – it must have seemed pretty unlikely at the time (‘Okay, we’re going to hang a snowboarder from a helicopter and fly him through the clouds…’).

Snowboarding in the Clouds

This video was published two months ago and currently has almost half a million views:


Promote the product

What we particularly like about it is the the way they have made the most of their content by creating a ‘Behind the Scenes‘ movie, as well as creating and making their hashtag and URL very clear at the end of the video.


happy socks


Great work from the happy people at Happy Socks and proof that innovative content marketing can win the day.

Article by Iain Martin