For years the snowsports industry has been debating how to bring new entrants to the market.

Schools skiing, free lift passes for kids, changing half-term dates – there have been plenty of ideas thrown around.

Perhaps all we needed was the omnipresent Ed Sheeran?

Not content with filling the singles charts earlier this year and being all over the media in 2017 (including a cameo on Game of Thrones), the ginger wonder has released his new video ‘Perfect’…and IT’S SET IN A SKI RESORT (Hintertux, as you ask).

Not since Wham! went to Saas Fee has pop made a ski holiday look so good!

Like all carbon-conscious travellers, he arrives by train. Then while his mates jib in the park, he has fun learning to ski while trying to break through the friend-zone with an unnamed pretty companion (played by actress Zoey Deutch).

ed sheeran ski video

The best way to travel to the Alps

There’s a torchlit descent that looks unlikely to pass health and safety standards…

ed sheeran ski video

Don’t wave that flaming ski stick at me

…They all have fun in a karaoke bar, although Ed doesn’t take part (which is ironic, you understand).

ed sheeran ski video


There’s a fun snowball fight, then he tells her via a song that he wants to marry her and have kids with her.

Weirdly, rather than running away from this millionaire stalker, she dances with him as snowflakes fall around them, they save a kitten and then catch hypothermia together while snogging on the top of the mountain at dawn.

ed sheeran ski video

‘What attracted you to the millionaire Ed Sheeran?’

Who isn’t going to want that experience?  Ed Sheeran saves the ski industry. Probably.


Thanks Ed!