What is it with popular TV presenters and skiing?  Last year Davina McCall did her uninformed best to put people off skiing, with unsubstantiated claims about the risk of injury.

This year Claudia Winkleman has launched her own diatribe against the sport, apparently for ‘humorous’ purposes.

Claudia Winkelman

In her column in ‘The Sunday Times’ she asks if people only go on ski holidays ‘so they can binge on rosti and beer’.

‘I. Don’t. Get. It.’ says Claudia

Now personally, we’re not that fussed about the beer, and don’t get me started about rosti. But what of her principle complaints:

  • Waking up early
    That’s up to you Claudia. Personally we book the kids into afternoon ski school as we spend enough time trying to hit a morning deadline when we’re not on holiday.
  • Sharing a chalet with 12 people
    Fair enough, Clauds. You have got a point here. It’s a chalet roulette: you never know if you’re going to get a vegan accountant or a movie stuntman sitting next to you at dinner. If the risking of meeting the wrong type is such a problem, you could always book a self-catering apartment.
  • Communal rabbit stew
    Seriously? In many winter seasons managing hundreds of chalet staff we can confidently say that none of them ever served a single petit lapin. And that was in the old days, when you did sometimes find ostrich on the menu. In the modern world of luxury chalet holidays, stew is history.
  • Wearing inflatable dungarees
    What does this even mean? All is summons up in our mind are the sumo wrestling suits that Scottish Simon used to bring out to entertain the punters in The Ski Lodge every Tuesday (now, of course, banned due to ‘Health & Safety’)
  • Getting ‘bladdered’ (only skiers use this term, fact) at 4pm while wearing ski boots
    Okay we fess up, there are plenty of skiers who love their apres, whether at La Folie Douce, KK or Rond Point. But ‘bladdered’? Never. ‘Shit-faced’ perhaps.
  • Hurling yourself down a mountain after a bottle of white
    Not something we’d recommend, but it’s not compulsory, Claudia. Have a spritzer instead and choose to get ‘bladdered’ later.
  • Dropping your kids off to break their limbs with total strangers called Andre
    Haha! ‘Andre!’ It’s funny because it sounds continental. And as you’ve not met him before, he’s a ‘total stranger’. Like all the teachers are when your kids start a new school. And as for breaking their limbs, purleez. We refer you to my response to Davina (who’s after your job on Strictly BTW).

    Kids love skiing so much, it’s worth getting fined for

Beware unlimited rosti and beer

On the other hand, Claudia, you are on to something here:

I think it’s a holiday that people choose just because the exercise makes them feel better about unlimited rösti and beer.

It’s almost as if you’ve read our seminal blog ‘Why do chalet girls bake a cake every day?

Zermatt is reassuringly expensive. Borovets isn’t.

And even we have to admit that there’s a certain truth to your theory that “Maybe they choose skiing because it’s reassuringly expensive.”

While that’s manifestly not the case for a trip to Borovets or Pamporovo (or even Morzine), we’ve just come back from Zermatt, where the adage ‘a ski holiday doesn’t have to be expensive’ gets picked up, torn into tiny pieces, crushed into a tiny Matterhorn replica and then sold back to you for CHF250.


We bet you a ski holiday that you enjoy a ski holiday…

We’re willing to make a bet. Contact us today Claudia and we’ll arrange a ski holiday for you and your family that we wager you’ll enjoy.

No one will force-feed you rabbits or wine. You won’t even have to share or even talk to anyone else if you don’t want to. And under no circumstances will your kids’ ski instructor be called Andre.

Seriously. You. Will. Get. It.

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