At Skipedia we specialise in digital marketing, but we always appreciate great marketing in any format when we see it.

That’s why we liked this flyer from Ongosa – the website for booking ski instructors and guides – so much.

A ‘sticky’ flyer

Calling it a ‘flyer’ doesn’t really do it justice. Most flyers end up in the bin within seconds of arriving in the hands of a consumer. What sets this effort from Ongosa aside is that when someone engages with it, it’s going to be very ‘sticky’.

Ski Wordsearch

One side of the flyer is fairly standard – a description and details of the different services Ongosa offer – but the other side has a ski-themed wordsearch.

Speaking purely from personal experience, my daughter and I spent at least 15 minutes trying to solve it. It’s made slightly more difficult by the fact that you are not given a list of words to find, you just know they are ski-themed.

So, inevitably, you keep turning the flyer over to search for possible words that might be included. You can even go to their website to check all the answers if you find it too difficult.

You not only end up spending more time in contact with the brand, but there are multiple chances for Ongosa to get their message across.

Partnership with Huski

The flyer arrived as an inclusion with a delivery from Huski – the mountain delivery service.

This also demonstrates an excellent use of marketing partnerships, delivering Ongosa’s materials not just into the hands of UK skiers and snowboarders, but direct into their ski resort apartment, where they have the time to read it.

Chapeau to Ongosa!