Are you listening to podcasts yet? If not the chances are you will be soon…

New research from Adobe Analytics shows that more people are tuning into podcasts and are heavily engaged with this audio content.

  1. Podcast mobile app usage has increased 60% in the US since January 2018
  2. A quarter of current podcast listeners plugged in for the first time in the past six months
  3. 45% of listeners said they plan to listen to more podcasts in the future
  4. Podcast program discovery is happening primarily through online blogs and articles (41%)
  5. Three-quarters of listeners say programs have been getting better
  6. A third of Millennials said they listen to five or more podcasts in a week
  7. 67% of Gen Z surveyed said they plan to listen to more podcasts in the next year
  8. 52% of listeners said they listen to podcasts on the way to work or while working
  9. Most listeners said they prefer podcasts be no longer than one hour
  10. The Ski Podcast is the leading…ski podcast (this wasn’t in the report!)

Three facts about advertising on podcasts

  1. 60% of consumers reported that they’d looked up a product or service after hearing an ad
  2. 33% of pod listeners said they find ads in podcasts more engaging than ads on other formats
  3. 40% find the ads to be less intrusive than other types of ads

Listen to The Ski Podcast

The Ski Podcast started in September 2017 and has more than 50 episodes available to catch up on.

As a listener you can tune in on Spotify, Audioboom or wherever you normally listen to your podcasts. Or if you’d prefer to listen in a browser, then simply visit The Ski Podcast website.

Partner with The Ski Podcast

The Ski Podcast reaches thousands of skiers and snowboarders around the world every month. Switzerland Tourism is the current title sponsor of The Ski Podcast.

If you’d like to get a snowsports message to an engaged and growing audience, then please contact Iain at Skipedia.