You may recently have read about the YouGov Profiler – launched at the Festival of Marketing last month.

It is a database tool built from surveys of almost 200,000 people and shows you the habits, likes and characteristics of anyone who might like a certain person, brand or hobby.

We took a look at the tool to see what we could learn about the ski industry – the results were surprising…

Skiing stereotypes have some basis

It’s perhaps no surprise to discover that the typical alpine skiing fan is apparently a 60+ male who likes nothing better than Roquefort Quiche, shops at Morrisons, drives a Citroen and describes himself as ‘gentle’ and sometimes ‘boring’.

skier profile

Snowboarding Yuppies

So far, so unsurprising, but what about snowboarders?  How do they compare?   Well, according to YouGov, they sound more like yuppies (definition here, for our younger readers).

Typically a 25-39 year old male, they have £1000+ spare cash available each month, and see themselves as confident and inventive and ‘enjoy taking risks’

snowboarding profile


Typically driving an Audi

You’re most likely to find them wearing Jack Wills, reading the Financial Times or Men’s Health and driving an Audi. They hardly watch any TV, preferring to follow Bill Gates and CERN on Twitter.

snowboarder profile

Time to advertise in the FT?

In summary, they sound like the sort of person you’d want your daughter to marry, rather than avoid.

So have snowboarders had a bad press, or have YouGov got it wrong?  Their sample size is reasonably large, so maybe it’s time to start dropping those cliches and start advertising in the FT…