You’d think Spiderman would be a super-heroic way to sell, but take a look at this forlorn Spidey we recently noticed tramping the streets of Brighton:

spiderman pizza

Great idea, poorly executed

On the face of it, it’s a great idea: it certainly gets your attention – the first goal of any marketing.

You might even be interested, as I was, in what Spidey was promoting.

You probably feel sorry for this guy/girl (it’s probably not what they had in mind when they chose Medieval History as a degree course).

This is a classic case of a great idea, poorly executed.

Massive golf sale?

Can you read what it says on the sign? It’s not a ‘Massive Golf Sale’ for sure.

Slumped over his shoulder, the sign is at such an angle it’s not easy to read from a passing car. Something for £6.99 and £8.99 was all I could be sure of.

The third time I saw Spidey, I worked out it was ‘Papa Joe’s Pizza’ behind this wheeze.

Now, it could be that it’s actually a deliberate ploy by Papa Joe’s who are banking on drivers travelling the same route the same time each day and will eventually work it out.

Probably, all it proves is that superheroes don’t guaranteed super marketing.



Article by Iain Martin