Are you looking for new ideas for your next ski trip? In which case, the new book ‘Snow in Space’ could be what you need.

Admittedly you’ll probably need to be cryogenically frozen and a billionaire to make it to some of the ski areas described in this entertaining 100-page hardback book.


snow in space book


Snow can exist in space

Written by father and son team Patrick and Robert Thorne, the book establishes that snow can exist in space – or at least on various planets and moons – and goes on to explore the options for each planet in our solar system as well as those further afield.

Other useful tips include the ‘Best Powder Stash’ (Enceladus – the 6th largest moon of Saturn), ‘Biggest Cliff Jump’ (Miranda – the 5th largest moon of Uranus) and ‘Biggest Vertical’ (the 25000m drop on the mountain of Olympus Mons on Mars).



‘Back bowls twenty miles across’

Patrick told us how the book came about:

“Together with my son Robert, we spent the summer checking out around 200 moons, planets and dwarf planets in our solar system and found that 22 had the right conditions to support skier-and-snowboarder-kind.

“We found moons with snow much finer than any on earth and powder much deeper. There are also mountains twice as high on any on our planet, bowls twenty miles across and half pipes running three-quarters of the way around their equators.”

You can buy the book at £10 plus £3 P&P via Paypal. The perfect gift for the skier (or astronomer) who has everything…