Some ski resorts are very difficult to spell, but which is the most difficult?

One of the benefits of managing numerous Adwords accounts for our snowsports clients is that we have a great insight into what UK users are searching for.

And what’s pretty clear is that there are some ski resorts that they just can’t spell! Here are our nominations for the most difficult ski resorts to spell correctly:


1. Ischgl

One vowel, a ‘sch’ and an unlikely ‘gl’ finish. No chance!

2. Mayrhofen

Not named after Herman Maier, no umlaut, no chance.

3. Obergurgl

Ober: pretty simple. Gurgl: not.

4. Saalbach

That double-a was always going to be difficult…


5. Borovets

This Bulgarian favourite has three vowels. The first one is easy, after that it’s make it up as you go along, plus you need to guess if it’s two ‘t’s and and ‘s’ or a ‘z’…


6. Courmayeur

Damn those pesky Italians – and don’t get me started on ‘Sauze d’Oulx’…


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