Crowdfunding in snowsports is in vogue.

Last year saw a hugely successful campaign organised by Joost Van Zundert in his attempt to protect La Grave from avaricious developers.

That raised over €61,000 in a matter of weeks – principally because so many skiers and snowboarders out there feel strongly about La Grave – there’s an emotional touch-point.


‘Please support my ski holiday’

The latest snowsports funding campaign that we’ve recently come across is less likely to succeed – Adam Weavers from Watford is currently looking for backers to help him go skiing in Meribel next season.

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No contributions yet…

Unfortunately at present, he hasn’t found any backers.  And to be fair, his story does tug at the heart-strings:

After putting off skiing for 12 years I went skiing in Meribel. I can’t wait for another twelve years to go skiing again.”

If that doesn’t move you, then nothing will.


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