We recently came across this excellent video by French organisation Cluster Montagne – part of their Mission Benchmark Digital series.


The video includes interviews with ski resort professionals such as Earl Saline from the National Ski Areas Association, Leigh Hierholzer, Marketing and Communications Director at Arapahoe Basin and Jean-Pierre Chevalier, Marketing Director at Eldora Mountain Resort.

You can watch the video in full below, but we were particularly interested to hear Saline’s comments on how the digital offer to guests has changed in the last few years:


Historically people went skiing to escape their cell phones. Now the demand is that people want coverage wall-to-wall at ski areas. We want wifi, we want cell coverage.

That certainly changes the dynamic on the hill. The always-on experience is what many of our guests expect.

There’s a balance to be struck between how far you push the technology and the guests’ interaction with you (from a technology standpoint) versus the human and one-to-one interaction.