Browsing through ‘The Sunday Times Guide to Ski & Après-Ski’ recently we were amused to see that the Folie Douce in Val d’Isère is ‘now run by Luc’.

‘Luc’ is the founder of the Folie Douce empire

The Luc in question is Luc Reversade, now known as the brainchild behind the whole Folie Douce ‘clubbing at altitude’ business, now operational in eight resorts across the French Alps.

We’re not sure you’ll find ‘Luc’s girlfriend and mother’ working there any more!

Admittedly, this ‘essential companion to Europe’s top 25 resorts’ was written by Alistair Scott – the former Sunday Times ski correspondent – in 1984, when the world of skiing was very different from today.

Make sure you read the full excerpt above, all the way down to Mr Scott’s observations about the Toviere in Tignes:

It is managed very efficiently by an amazingly thin, chic woman laden down with expensive jewellery.

We’ve not been to the Toviere recently (in fact, we think it’s been knocked down), but sadly we’re pretty sure not many bar owners fit this unique description any more…