Tourism Declares is a collective of travel companies, organisations and industry professionals who believe tourism should declare a climate emergency.

As a signatory to ‘Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency’, I agree to the following five commitments:

  • Develop a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’
  • Share commitment and progress publicly
  • Cut carbon emissions
  • Work together
  • Advocate for change
tourism declares

My Climate Emergency Plan | What does this mean for me?

As a self-employed digital marketer and journalist, I have no office and no staff, but I can still have an impact on climate change.

Personal Actions

  • Travel by train or electric vehicle (EV) for all work trips
  • Minimise travel by opting for video/phone calls wherever possible
  • Charge my EV using renewable electricity wherever possible
  • Take a maximum of one return leisure flight each year
  • Offset any flights taken with Atmosfair
  • Ensure that our investments & pensions are in ethical or sustainable funds
  • Continue to explore ways of reducing our emissions as a family


Iain Martin, founder of Ski Flight Free