The last few weeks I’ve been chased around the internet by some dogged display advertising…and I hate it.

I don’t recall visiting their website [I’m not going to link to or mention the brand], so I guess I’ve been targeted by one of Google’s ‘Similar Audiences’.

“It’s ironic, innit!”

To the extent that I am a skier, I suppose you could say it’s well targeted, but I am NEVER going to buy an item of clothing that says ‘I Hate Mountains’, however ironic (and I truly hope they are meant to be ironic).

That’s aside from the fact that the Tshirts cost €65 and sweatshirts a cool €160.

And their ‘Après Ski’ range literally makes me feel ill.

Their website probably says all you need to know:

We have a complete collection for kidswear where boy collection is the mirror of man’s (sic) because what is there better for a father than having his son wearing the same

I hate ‘I Hate Mountains’ irony.