Nordic France, the organisation that manages 130 sites in the country, has revealed some positive news from this ‘saison blanche’.

From the start of December 2020, with the lifts closed for skiers, cross country skiing has experienced phenomenal growth.

Exceptional levels

Participation numbers and revenues reached ‘exceptional levels’ during January and February 2021.

Turnover has averaged €9.7 million over the last five years, but is forecast to exceed €16 million this winter – a 65% jump.

Turnover up 40-80% across France

The Southern Alps have already doubled their numbers compared to the five year average – from €820,000 to €1.7 million. The Northern Alps are expecting to increase turnover by 80%, while in the Jura the figure is likely be closer to 40%.

Despite the increased numbers, most ski de fond locations have been able to limit queues and streamline access to the runs.

Will British skiers take up cross country?

There was much discussion in yesterday’s Mountain Trade Network’s online forum as to whether trends like cross country will be taken up by British skiers.

Only time will tell if holidaymakers take up narrow skis in future seasons, but with databases and mailing lists significantly larger for Nordic France, this is one area of snowsports that is enjoying a undeniable and welcome boom.

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