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New French/English 'Ski Instructor' Phrasebook

New French/English ‘Ski Instructor’ Phrasebook

When we first read about the new ‘Passe-Partout’ English/French phrasebook for ski resort professionals, we did wonder if someone was having a cheeky joke. The last few seasons have seen two British/French legal actions, with Le Ski’s ‘ski hosting’ case and Simon Butler‘s still going through the appeal process. Time for an entente? So maybe...
'I'm a modern-day Batman' says anti-ESF campaigner

‘I’m a modern-day Batman’ says anti-ESF campaigner

These are difficult days for the ESF in the UK. The current legal cases against Simon Butler and Le Ski have stirred up plenty of negative sentiment within the British market against the ESF. Both cases – which deal with different aspects of the law – are currently at different points in the appeal process,...