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Is Erna Low's 1948 Ski Brochure the oldest?

Is Erna Low’s 1948 Ski Brochure the oldest?

After our post about the ski companies of 1984, we ran this item about Swans’ ski brochure from 1979/80. Of course we knew there were older brochures, and now thanks to John Ward at Erna Low, we think we’ve found the oldest – this marvelous example from 1948.   And of course, if you can beat...
The oldest ski brochure in town?

The oldest ski brochure in town?

After our recent post about the ski companies of 1984, Graeme Spratley from Spiral Marketing very kindly sent us this photo. Here is the slightly tatty front cover of Swans 1979/80. The brochure is a fascinating read for ski nerds. ‘Supersave’ holidays were available from £59. I wonder what that would be in today’s money....