When 1st April comes along we’re always looking out for good April Fools jokes in the media.  This year saw some that were more obvious than others (for example, not everyone realised this post was intended as a joke!)

Sean Ryder being called in by the Tories to advise on class seemed so plausible…for a couple of seconds.   The Daily Mail also got into the spirit with their champagne tax.

Another nice Fool was Google Street Roo – a chance to see Australia from a kangaroo’s point of view.

In fact, Google are almost experts at this.  How about Chrome Multitask Mode – which gives you access to two mice at the same time?

As for Google’s ‘Click-To-Teleport‘ extension for Chrome, allowing you to instantaneously teleport to an advertiser’s location, sadly that’s still in the future.

Summer Skiing in Meribel?

And I guess that’s the point.  We kind of want these stories to be true.  Which is why Merinet’s April Fool about summer skiing in Meribel was so convincing.

Following ‘this winter’s heavy snowfall, Meribel has secured a sufficient snowpack that will allow summer skiing’.  The use of ‘reflective sheets‘ made it seem so plausible, even we had to think twice about it.

So top marks to Merinet.  And if anyone knows any other convincing snowsports April Fools, please let us know.