We are currently researching for a presentation next week at Brighton Social Media on ‘How is the ski industry optimising for mobile?’

We’ll post our conclusions after the presentation, but for now here are twelve stats about smartphone use and the travel industry:


Twelve stats about smartphone use and the travel industry
  1. 80% of people don’t leave home without their device
  2. 68% of smartphone users use their phone for product information
  3. 38% use them for researching travel
  4. 46% research restaurants, pubs and bars
  5. Mobile use of the Internet exceeds desktop from 6.30pm to 9am
  6. 32% of consumers make a monthly purchase by mobile
  7. Google gives preference to sites with mobile accessibility
  8. 47% of websites report at least one third of their traffic is from mobile
  9. 59% of mobile users visited a business’s website before buying
  10. 23% of mobile users have changed their mind about purchasing a product or service as a result of information gathered using their smartphone
  11. The percentage of visits from mobile to travel sites increased 75% from Q2 2012 to Q3 2013
  12. 53% of online travel websites intend to increase mobile investment in the next 3 months



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By Iain Martin