Where can you find a chalet with a sex dungeon? Who hasn’t asked that question when researching a ski holiday?

Yes, ski-in ski-out is important, but are nipple clamps included? And forget about poached eggs for breakfast, are Yoni eggs on offer?

Genuine Search Term

The reason we ask is that we genuinely came across (so to speak), the search query ‘val d’isere chalet with sex dungeon’, while reviewing a client’s Adwords this week:

chalet with sex dungeon

(It ended up with a click too, despite only a four-course meal with unlimited wine being mentioned in the ad.)

The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Effect?

Perhaps this is just indicative of the post-Fifty Shades of Grey world we now live in.

Over 60 million copies of the books have been sold already and while the films didn’t win any Oscars, they did net over $1 billion worldwide.

‘Official’ 50 Shades of Grey sex toy’


Is there a niche to fill (in the chalet market)?

All of which makes us wonder if there’s a gap in the market.

For years, some staff accommodation has been likened to dungeons, and there’s certainly been plenty of sex going on in them.

Only recently the ‘Daily Star‘ rocked the ski world with their revelation that ‘ski holidays are no longer just about the snow but also the raunchy, boozy nightlife’.

Before the exclusive, the only hints of sex-behind-the-scenes in ski resorts came from anonymous blogger ‘Belle de Neige’ and the Courchevel Enquirer’s seminal research into sex in bubble lifts.

We look forward with antici-pation to see which tour operator offers the sex dungeon first…