How many long winter evenings have you spent wondering why there isn’t a good ski podcast around? Or even any ski podcast?

Well, there’s no guarantees over quality, but now your commutes and jogs around the park can be filled by listening to the ‘The Knowledge is Powder Ski Podcast‘.

Earlier this week, Iain Martin from Skipedia met up with co-podder Jim Dunscombe to record the pilot episode.

You can listen to it on Soundcloud by clicking on the image below and also find it on Stitcher and on iTunes.

In the first episode Iain reveals that the name is absolutely nonsensical, which is a great start and probably a sign of what is to come.

We also get some inside knowledge on the temporary axing of Channel 4’s The Jump. There is chat about the upcoming London ski show and we talk about the 2018 Winter Olympics.

We would love to know your thoughts on the podcast. Please get in contact and rate us on iTunes