According to Erna Low, a family of four can enjoy a ski holiday for as little as £246. Admittedly, there are restrictions, the main being that you need to be able to travel in 1974.

So, unless you have one of those clever Victorian police boxes, or another way of travelling through time, then sadly you’re not going to be able to snap up this particular bargain.

It’s still revealing to make the comparison, which shows just how expensive skiing has become in a generation.

Erna Low’s Guide to Family Skiing

Last week Columbus Direct released a survey claiming that the average family ski holiday for four costs £4688, including travel, accommodation, equipment hire and lift passes.

We wondered how that would compare with the prices in one of our favourite ski books – Erna Low’s Guide to Family Skiing – first published in 1974.

erna low guide to family skiing


A family ski holiday for less than £250…

By Miss Low’s calculations, a similar week’s holiday would cost £246, based on the following costs:

Bed and Breakfast accommodation inc charter flights                    £35 per adult / £28 per child
Boot Hire                                                                                                  £5.50 per adult / £2.50 per child
Ski Hire                                                                                                      £5 per person
Ski School                                                                                                 £10 per person
Lift Passes                                                                                                 £11 per person

Don’t forget the cost of travelling to the airport…

Of course, we haven’t included the cost of travelling to the airport.

According to Erna Low this was 50p each way to travel from central London to Heathrow, or 63p to Gatwick.