Most resorts have designed their own face masks, but as far as we know, only Val Thorens has created their own hand sanitizer.

Even better, they’re certainly the only resort to launch a hydroalcoholic gel that actually smells of the mountains…made with a unique mix of génépi.

Thibaut Loubère, marketing manager for Val Thorens, said:

“This summer, we tried to make a gel with a few drops of génépi essential oils, but it wasn’t successful.”

Essential oils plus a sprig of génépi

However, after several tests, the resort found the right formula by combining essential oils with a sprig of génépi.

Picked in a secret location in the Belleville valley, the resort worked with a pharmacist to ensure efficacy of the gel as a disinfectant. The finished product complies with all WHO standards.

“The sweet scent of génépi”

The word on the mountain (via Le Dauphine) is that once smell of alcohol has disappeared, “a sweet scent of génépi permeates the hands”.

The less good news for British skiers is that this particular hand sanitizer is not on sale. All 450 mini-bottles and 60 bottles of hydroalcoholic solution are available to visitors in resort only.

“A cheeky nod to the spirit of the mountains”

Lucile Sachot, press relations officer in Val Thorens said:

“The idea is above all to make our visitors smile with a cheeky nod to the spirit of the mountains. And if people end up washing their hands more with this génépi gel, so much the better.”

The bad news for afficionados of this most alpine digestif is that it’s for hands, not throats. But plenty of drinkable génépi is available…