Just for fun, we thought we’d see what we can learn from Google Autofill about the ski industry, and whether it can give us any SEO pointers.

Scotland more popular than Austria and France

This was a surprise. Apparently the search ‘ski holiday in scotland’ is more popular than ‘ski holiday in austria’.



What about a cheap ski holiday?

A ‘cheap ski holiday in Europe’? Would British people (all these results were taken from Google.co.uk) really write that? Maybe we credit the user with too much sense. Cheap ski holiday in Bulgaria makes more sense though


Best ski chalet in the world?

There are some pointers here for key phrases at the top of the market. Evidently there are users looking for the best ski chalet out there – if you’re a luxury company with a contender in your programme, why not create a landing page for the ‘best ski chalet in the world’ phrase.




Coats or companies?

It’s not surprising that the ‘best ski companies’ is a popular search, but ‘best ski companies to work for’ is interesting.  If I was recruiting, I was create a landing page targeting that exact phrase, populated with some impartial content that recommends my company!





Chalet holiday in Cornwall anyone?

Clearly chalet is not as synonymous with skiing as we thought…




By Iain Martin