As the nights draw in, and the leaves fall from the trees, so the ski supplements start to appear in the printed media. Here’s a selection so far:

Esprit chose the Daily Mail to promote their family message


Neilson’s ‘More Peaks’ appeared in The Guardian


Inghams keep it simple in the Mail on Sunday – Save £££s

Not the most pressing call to action from Mark Warner – ‘Hurry…you’ve only got 3 weeks left’

Canada have teamed up with Ski Independence for this ad

And what of online…

While press ads become fewer and fewer, increasing advertising spend is going online.

Scott Dunn have been using the Google Display Network (sorry, no screengrab), but top marks go to Crystal Ski who continue to make effective use of Criteo.

This system uses cookies extremely effectively, delivering specific ads based on your previous searches, either online or on their website.  This is the future of online advertising.

By Iain Martin