We loved this piece of content marketing we came across recently from the Morzine-based company, AliKats Mountain Holidays:


tube map


Ticks all the boxes for good content

It ticks all the boxes for good content:

1. It’s entertaining

2. It’s interesting

3. It’s informative

Shareable and branded

On top of that it’s very shareable (it’s been shared by a number of Facebook pages including Fall Line and Pierre et Vacances).

More importantly, it’s branded with the logo, name of company and URL all clear.


We asked Al, the founder of the company, what had inspired him:

The usual stats of 650km of pistes / 400 square miles etc.. are lost on me and most other people. So I wanted to create something that would illustrate the size of our playground in relation to another big space that people did understand. The UK market is our target client market and the capital city of our target market is the city the place most people are likely to be able to relate to.

Once I had the idea, our designer made the idea come alive and the rest of the story is in the map!


Great work by AliKats that has generated at least one inbound link – from Skipedia!


Article by Iain Martin