Keyrings, USB sticks, beanies, cups, wristbands…there’s no shortage of marketing freebies that companies produce.  Most of them are immediately forgettable.

The goggle wipe that we received today from Inghams was a pleasant change.

Great content

The image on the wipe is a superb piece of content marketing in itself.  Click on the image and you can see how original and well-designed it is.  This works as marketing because it captures attention – a rare achievement with all the clutter any idea has to cut through.

inghams map

How it came about…

We asked Louise Newton, Inghams Marketing Manager, how it all came about:

I met Anton Vamplew ( at the London Ski Show.  In fact he responded to our ‘Tweetshop’ day. If you tweeted from our stand, you could win a small prize.

We’d previously come across the concept of Frozen Underground and loved it. We know that the underground is a design classic.

So I sat with Simon McIntyre, our Agency Sales Manager and we discussed a Christmas plan for travel agents. Having given out some goggle wipes at the Ski Show, we knew they were popular, and useful, especially with the prevalence of smartphones and ipads. It wipes them well too!

We wanted to communicate the fact that Inghams, for the first time, has 91 resorts in the 14/15 Ski Preview brochure. The goggle wipe seemed the best way of graphically showing this growth.

We were producing it as the brochure went to press, and almost missed one of the new resorts, which went in at the last minute.

Christmas presents for key travel agents

All our key travel agents were given (most by hand) a gorgeous red envelope for Christmas, enclosing a priority copy of the new Ski Preview brochure, a newsletter from our Sales Team, and the goggle wipe. They went down a treat.


They also put some aside for journalists – luckily for us!


By Iain Martin