With the Facebook Timeline deadline for brand Pages coming up on 30 March 2012, we’ve taken a look at how twelve of the UK’s leading ski tour operators are using Timeline so far.

The companies are not necessarily the twelve largest. Indeed the UK’s largest ski company – Crystal Ski – has still to make the switch to Timeline.  Also still to change are Mark Warner, Powder Byrne, Scott Dunn, Ski Beat, YSE and Zenith Holidays.


Inghams‘ Cover Photo is not the most striking, but the date makes it clear that it’s recent (it was updated today – Mon 26 March).  It suggests that their plan may be to update the Cover Photo on a regular basis.


Supertravel have gone for an inoffensive, brochure-type shot of the Matterhorn.  Although they have converted to Timeline, the unused ‘About’ section (just below the Profile Image) is a wasted opportunity.

Ski Total

Ski Total‘s choice of Cover Photo ties in nicely with their logo and branding in the Profile Image.

Esprit Holidays

As one of the UK’s leading family ski companies, this image of children makes sense. We actually prefer their first Cover Photo, simply because you can see five clear versions of their logo as well as the requisite happy children.

Erna Low

Erna Low* have a striking Cover Photo, which was crowd-sourced from a competition exclusively for their Facebook fans.  They also make excellent use of the ‘About’ section to make a statement about the brand.

* Declaration: Skipedia manages Erna Low’s Facebook Page

Ski Independence

This is another striking Cover Photo, with strong branding.  However, by including their address, which becomes the About section default copy, Ski Independence are not making the best use of this valuable real estate.


Fir trees heavy with snow always looks good, and these two look like they are enjoying their holiday.  Again though, the inclusion of the Interski address means they are also not taking advantage of the About section.

Le Ski

This Timeline from Le Ski gives a great first impression.  Clear branding, an attractive photo and a strong About statement.


Meriski have fewer fans than any other company here, which suggests they do not devote much attention to Facebook. It is however an attractive Cover Photo of Meribel – their specialist resort.  Again, the About section is unused.

Neilson Holidays

We particularly like that Neilson have added their logo into their Cover Photo, maximising their branding. It’s obviously a ‘summer’ image, and an improvement on their previous ‘winter’ image, which has been accidentally flipped, making the logos mirror-images.


We’re not entirely sure what’s going on in this Cover Photo.  What does a bunch of Skiworld staff lying around the snow say?  It feels like we’re watching them enjoying themselves, rather than sharing the fun.

Ski Famille

Ski Famille also fill up their About section with their address and telephone number, but at least their Cover Photo makes you feel as if you’re there too (Yay, tobogganing night!)

But are they using Timeline?

Interestingly only half of these twelve companies have backdated their Timeline so far.  Only Erna Low have started to create a narrative for the brand by populating their historic Timeline.  No doubt this will change in due course.